Saturday, July 18, 2015

Birthday Fish Come True!

Dear Quinn,
            Yesterday you turned 1! I'm feeling  a little sad because you're such an easy baby, I almost wish you'd just stay just like you are for a little longer. You are walking like a champ now. You've started to sign "Please" and you say Thank you- That always makes me so proud that gratitude is part of my children's basic vocabulary. Also, you brush your four little teeth and eat at kid table without a highchair. Partly the decision to do this is because you always stand on your chair.
           I usually send you to Ms. Kasey's for daycare but last week she was on vacation so you both went to the day care on base. You got 3 accident reports! 1 for each day you were there!!! A part of me was irritated that maybe they weren't being careful with you, but the other part of me knows you are quite the daredevil. Apparently they came from trying to hold your milk and get up from the table and climbing on chairs.
         So on your official day we played it low key since we already had a big party in CA. We had Ms. Kasey's kids over and you guys played in the kiddie pool, then played play doh, read a story and had lunch. You were pretty sleepy, but you caught a second wind when all the kids went to play in Deklan's room. I even caught you giving Carlos kisses! Too young girl! I know you'll have boys lining up out the door someday, but honestly, they'll all be crap---wait till you're almost 30 and they have real jobs, 401k, and ambitions. Studies show the closer you marry to 30, the longer your relationship may last. Don't get too caught up in someone in the meantime.
         Your Daddy came home early and we all got to hang out together all day. We ate lasagna and macaroons instead of cake, and then we opened presents. We got you lots of Hello Kitty figures and a cup and lunchbox. Also your first little pack of hair clips and a few books. We also went to the pet store (you LOVE animals) and got you a beta fish named Sushi! Grammy sent you a purse and Aunt Jaime and Daniel Family sent coloring books and socks and tattoos and stickers! You looked pretty pleased with all your loot and you didn't mind sharing with Deklan. You are  pretty patient with him as he insists on showing you how everything works. Grow up slow my darling girl. I love you.
mom & dad

     P.S. Daddy is totally gaga over you and all your girly stuff. I know he is inclined to spoil you and he is not sure how to always harness that lol. He's in for some trouble when you start to talk.....