Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Deklan!

June 2, 2015

Dearest "Baby" Deks-

     You woke up this morning berated with questions: Are you awake? Do you know what today is? How old are you, now? "I'm turning three!" you recited, as practiced for many days now. "No Deklan, you ARE three! You've turned!"

    We had a busy morning baking cupcakes together and practicing blowing out your birthday candles. Then, I had to go to work for a few hours, which you really seemed to hate although all you did while I was gone was eat and take a nap. I worked 4 hours. Then once I picked up you and Quinn we carried on your celebration. You Played in the sandbox with the little girls next door. Then in the play yard of Chick-Fil-A (note to self- I hate that place) while we ate. Then we came home and you serenaded us with songs of Humpty Dumpty and insisted we change your name to that. Finally you opened up a few gifts- mainly from us was "Snap Circuits" and you played with Daddy while I got Quinn ready for bed. I think you had a pretty good day. You're so happy, lighthearted, and grateful. You always say things like "Oh wow! Thank you!" That always makes me feel so good. You say it over the littlest stuff, too, like if I throw your favorite blankie into your room at bedtime because I see you forgot it on the couch I'll hear a tired little "thank you." come from the darkness. We are going to have a Puppy Party for you on Saturday and I'm trying out this whole "no gifts, donations instead" (to the animal shelter in this case). I hope you don't mind. I just really think you have a ton of stuff and you've still received several gifts. More than things, I just want you to be a giver. I want you to learn service and how it feels to have purpose and to help others in need. I'm sure you'll learn these  things regardless  but now's my chance to try! You are 3, and you require very little in life. You were excited that Grammy send you a pack of stickers. I love that about you. Also, my dad and I can be terrible people to give gifts to. I feel like I have certainly been less than grateful in my life and typically, like my father, I will return things based on utility and buy my own stuff because I just don't want to wait. My motto: Get me what I  asked for, not what you THINK I'd like. That's not a very kind message though because sometimes people want to share with me more than just a thing, its a feeling or a sentiment they are trying to express through the thing, and here I've gone and blown it with my silly expectations. There always was and still is a lot of pressure about what to get Dad for any holiday- so now I've settled on money. It feels bland, but its what he wants...

     Quinn started walking up and down the hallway with only slight assistance from a wagon handle today! I think she might've been feeling a bit competitive with you. You guys are so funny. You fight over me and toys and you wrestle each other on the ground. Typically, the object of your affections is the real loser because you both get a knee and now I'm chained to the couch, or the toy ends up broken or taken away and now no one can have it...

Well, next up is Quinny's 1st Birthday! To be a party shared in California with cousin Jake and Deks (again). We will try to do something special on your actual day though Quinn- just for you, my sweetness. (BTW I call you that because my favorite song is by Jimmy Eat World "The Middle", and another song I like of their's is called "Sweetness").

Anyway, I love you both, my little chickens. It's a love/hate watching you grow up, but damn if you don't get funnier everyday!



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