Saturday, July 12, 2014

You're late!

2 Days till your "due date"...

Dear Quinn,

      Well, while technically you aren't late, yet, but you may as well be! I thought you seemed so eager to get out that you would be here at week 38. Why do my babies like to stay in so long? Even the Dr. didn't think you'd take this long, but what does he know? I'm so glad there will be others helping deliver you because I'll be honest... I don't know how much this (particular) doctor understands about the process. Apparently he has a daughter, but we get the feeling he is somewhat new. Anyway though, I do trust him overall and I think we will be fine.

      Deklan is starting to understand you! The other day he hit me in the belly and I felt you squirm. I got so mad I put him on timeout. When I took him to daycare I explained that he needs to protect you and that nobody is allowed to hit you. He stuck out his pointer finger and said "NO! NO! NOBODY QUINN!" He hasn't done it since. Today, I was little worried because you haven't seemed to move as much (probably you are running out of room). I asked Daddy to come over and hold you because I feel like you can sense whose hands belong to whom. Sure enough you wiggled a bit, but here's the picture- I'm laying on the couch, shirt pulled up, Daddy standing over me with both hand gently pushing on my stomach. Deklan comes over yelling, "STOP IT! LET GO! THAT'S QUINN!" We had to laugh with pride. "That's right! It's Quinn!" so then he says, "COME OUT, QUINN." Seriously, come out.

      What are you thinking about in there? Are you waiting for the Super Moon tonight? Maybe you have a specific birth date in mind already...I thought you might come out while Grammy & Poppy were here, then I thought you might come while we were at the birthday party for  a friend today. Not because I've felt any signs, I just thought you might not want to miss out. My friend Marby says you're being "fashionably late".

       With Deklan I ate spicy hot wings and black licorice, primrose oil, balsamic vinaigrette, basil, wine and bouncing around. I didn't really feel anything until my water broke that night. With you, I tried primrose oil, wine, yoga ball, eggplant parmesan, pineapple, balsamic vinaigrette, and ...prayer. I still feel nothing.

        Its hard to decide if this will be my last pregnancy. I love feeling that connection to my babies, I love to feel you move and grow, but overall I don't 100% love being pregnant. Not only that but I like the thought of having an even number of kids. It's like you're partnered up. Plus no one is so far apart in age that you lose connection. Still, I guess time will tell for sure.

        I've spent my time looking through old photos and videos of Deklan's birth. I'm trying to remember what I need to bring and how scary was it actually. I remember saying after Deklan was born that I'd do it again. I don't remember it hurting at all. In fact, I was a little bummed that I couldn't even feel how hard I was pushing. I hope to see you or feel your progress just a little. Tomorrow, I have nothing planned so feel free to show up! Monday we have a doc appt for Deklan, Tuesday lunch with Marby, and Wednesday is my doctor appt. If you aren't here by then, the doctor will induce me. That makes me a little nervous, so while I trust in your time and God's, please don't take that long...

I can't wait to snuggle your face. Neither can the boys. We all want to hold you already, and I plan to bake some of Grandma Carol's special oatmeal chocolate chip cookies soon.  Love you!


     Mommy & Daddy (I wrote all this but he's here next to me)