Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Reflections of you...

26 days B.Q.


Dear Quinn,

     I'm so sorry baby, I haven't written to you as much as I would have liked. I've been juggling work and Deklan and I'm so tired most days I just have to come home and sit down. BUT, I am so excited at how close we are to meeting you face to face. You move so much! I've seen your heel or knee or something roll across my tummy and I am just in awe of how you move. Already, you feel like a different personality than Deklan when he was in there (I don't know how to describe this, just a different person). I drew him a picture of our family and tried explaining to him where you are. He is able to say, "Quinn" and point to my belly, but I wonder how he will actually react once he meets you. Recently he moved up to the 2's room at daycare and he is one of the smallest in there. He is having a hard time transitioning (which they've said is typical) but I've been trying to explain to him that he was born to be a big bro. I know it's hard to grow up fast and suddenly, but he's right on track. He's exactly where he is meant to be and so are you.
     I haven't talked much about your job. I think you will teach your bro softness and the mind of a woman. I imagine you and Deklan will be reflection of Joel and I (but in a brother-sister way). Joel and Uncle Doug were best friends in High School and I think it was all that my brothers taught me about managing my emotions and getting along with boys that helps me be a good wife and mother today. Maybe you'll want those things and it's also ok if you don't, but I'd like you to reflect yourself onto your brother and allow him to reflect onto you. You will both be/are wonderful kids and together you will be a handful some days but you will be wonderful squared. I vow to treat my family the way I'd like you to treat people. I know some days I will be tired and I will not always be up to par, but hopefully I can teach you how to "fail" gracefully as well, and how to get up again to face another day. I love you Quinn.  I feel like simply having you in my life will blow my mind. I have a lot to learn about you.


     Mommy <3 p="">
P.S. Come out soon ;)