Sunday, February 23, 2014

Quinn Carol Calahan!!

141 days to go....

Dear Quinn,

           You are a GIRL!! We found out on Valentine's Day and even though we weren't "expecting" either gender, we were so excited to feel as though we knew you, now. We always knew that we would name you after our moms- Carol Ann Martin & Carol Jean Calahan. They are wonderful women and I am sure you will be, too.

Now that we know, I've started collecting stuff for you and decorating your room. Deklan has been giving your things a "test run", and Daddy felt and saw you kick for the first time today! We are all so beyond excited to have you in our lives. 
I don't want to anticipate too much but besides my mom I've never had a girl so close to me, and I feel overwhelmed (in good ways) with all that I want to teach you! Not to mention, how curious I am about all that you'll be teaching us. Daddy is scared he'll be a push over, I'm scared I'll have to then be the "bad guy", and Deklan has no idea yet what's about to happen in 4 mos. He can point to you and say "Baby", but I'm not convinced he really knows what's going on. 

My nausea has subsided and my energy is back mostly. I also noticed that I'm not as anxious with you (probably because I have more confidence in my parenting now). You seem to like clamato juice, bruschetta, virgin bloody marys, and I sometimes also crave tomato soup, which I think is kinda weird. You like to be warm and I think you are pretty good at watching your "girlish figure" (meaning- I don't tend to over eat as much with you as I did with Deks). I'm planning to decorate your room in kind of a Japanese decora fashion. I guess I'm relishing in my little girl fantasies of tons of accessories and Hello Kitty. I can't wait to get to know what you like and what things you'll pick for yourself. I imagine you're very smart and have a great mind of your own. I hope for you that you'll always be patient, kind, insightful, and sensitive to others. I hope Deklan is always there to look out for you, too and be a role model for you.

Love you, Baby Q!

-Mommy, Daddy, and Deks