Sunday, December 22, 2013

Welcome Calababy2!


Dear Deklan and baby,

            Today we found out that we are expecting again!! I took 2 home pregnancy tests and finally went to the Dr. today. At first, they called and said the results were negative and I was so disappointed. Then the nurse called me later and said she read the wrong results- We ARE pregnant! We could not be more excited!! This time is already so different. With you, Deklan, I was crabby and wanted only BLTs all day long. I was nauseous from the start. I think I'm about 3 weeks now and I rarely feel nauseous. Mostly I'm just tired. I've been eating a lot of protein and sometimes I get a little cranky, but so far I think I've been able to keep it in check.
          Deklan, your daddy and I feel like we want you to have a sibling to support you, for you to support, and so that you can be a reflection of each other. This is important: Your sibling is someone to be cherished and when no one else understands you, when we are gone from this World, your sibling may be the only one who sees the World most similar to you. I know you'll fight, you'll test each other and push limits, but you must always be there for each other.

Congrats on becoming a BIG BROTHER!! I know you'll be awesome. and baby, we won't let you down. We love you already you sweet little sesame seed!

     Mom &Welcome Dad.

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