Sunday, December 22, 2013

Update on Calababy 2

Ohhh...Calababy... I was wrong...I am so nauseous and tired all the time...I am about 11 weeks now and I do hope that very soon things turn around. It's very hard to watch/potty train a 1 year old and be pregnant. I haven't seen a real doctor yet because the military is dragging their feet with appointments. When I mentioned it before, I only meant that I took the blood test. Daddy and I went to the little course they make you do where they assign you to a doctor, but next Monday will be our first real appointment. I really hope we can hear your heartbeat and maybe see your cutie face for the first time. I'll be honest, except for the constant nausea, you don't exactly feel real yet.

Often times, Daddy and I look at each other and say, "TWO kids?" We don't feel old enough for even one kid, most of the time! Needless to say, we are a bit scared.

Some funny things about you so far are:
       You love sweets. Licorice, chocolate, cookies, even sweet onions!
       Every. single. time I hear "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas..." I bawl. like a huge baby. Daddy just laughs. Sometimes I can't even talk about it without tearing up.
       You like warmth.
       You seem to calm when I snuggle Daddy or Deks.

We can't wait to get to know you more, sweetie-cheeks!

    Mom & Dad
Hooray! Educated Mama!

Fingers for how many kids we had in grad school!

I already bought a cup like this for you, too!

Welcome Calababy2!


Dear Deklan and baby,

            Today we found out that we are expecting again!! I took 2 home pregnancy tests and finally went to the Dr. today. At first, they called and said the results were negative and I was so disappointed. Then the nurse called me later and said she read the wrong results- We ARE pregnant! We could not be more excited!! This time is already so different. With you, Deklan, I was crabby and wanted only BLTs all day long. I was nauseous from the start. I think I'm about 3 weeks now and I rarely feel nauseous. Mostly I'm just tired. I've been eating a lot of protein and sometimes I get a little cranky, but so far I think I've been able to keep it in check.
          Deklan, your daddy and I feel like we want you to have a sibling to support you, for you to support, and so that you can be a reflection of each other. This is important: Your sibling is someone to be cherished and when no one else understands you, when we are gone from this World, your sibling may be the only one who sees the World most similar to you. I know you'll fight, you'll test each other and push limits, but you must always be there for each other.

Congrats on becoming a BIG BROTHER!! I know you'll be awesome. and baby, we won't let you down. We love you already you sweet little sesame seed!

     Mom &Welcome Dad.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Walk Like a Man....

(I'm sorry the video quality is so poor)
Good choice going for the duct tape by the way!
We are so proud of you!
Love, mom & dad.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My 1st Mother's Day

Ah, Mother's Day....

       I was so excited for this day. A day that would finally recognize my efforts as a mom. The day that would be all about spoiling me! But in reality....
You, Deklan, made. me. sick. 
You gave me a cold and threatened me with pink eye. 
how. sweet. 
Here I was so selfish to prefer pink roses, or a new pink lipstick, maybe...
My plans were simple. Joel was deployed, so I was going to go to church, get our Mother's Day picture taken, grab a lunch on the way home, and relax.....
(again, in reality...)
That morning, I woke feeling like death. I was supposed to volunteer in the nursery at church but I cancelled. 
I woke early to your lovely screaming...
I scooped you up and changed you, fed the dog, fed the cat, scrambled the egg, sat you on the floor, spread out a ring of cheerios around you, poured a cup of milk in the near vicinity, and covered my face in a blanket. This did not buy me any time. As you were not feeling well either, you cried and cried and cried for me to hold you and play with you. But I just. couldn't. SO...I put you down for a nap. (It was only 8:30). After a long while, we both fell asleep and woke up at 10:30.  Fortunately, we both felt a little better and somehow, SOME WAY...We made it to church only 30min late. I was the first in line to get our picture afterwards; it just meant so much to me! 
This is the moment it all turned around. 
On the way home I got all my favorite foods at the grocery store: chocolate covered strawberries, salad, avocado, a drink called Jamaican-Me-Happy, a watermelon, and cheesy bread. 
We ate lunch and skyped with Uncle Doug & Papa Dale. 
The world was right again. 

So the moral of the story is: keep your expectations low. always. So low, in fact, that pink eye sounds like fun. I can almost guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised. 

Love You!
Thanks for my Mother's Day art and bamboo tree from you & Daddy

You're almost 1!

354 Days after your birth...
Dearest Deklan, 
For your birthday, many of our friends helped get you this playground!
Keeley likes to play with you!
so you slid down and Auntie Charity went to catch you!
...but as she did, Keeley slid down after and toppled on top of you...
..and you got a boo boo. Blood and guts were everywhere. 
all better!
you even shared!
You're such a tough boy! You're doing a great job at being "the man of the house". Daddy misses you immensely. 1 month down! 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Meanings of Life


I had a dream where I asked my mom what the meaning of life was, or some life lesson to pass on to my children, and she showed me dental equipment. Maybe she was saying to floss, but I decided to start a little list of things I think will be important for you to know-

From Carol Martin- "everything will be ok" some of the last words she told me. She also told me I struggled with school and wanted to give up that sometimes things just work themselves out. You just do what you can, you just try and give it your best, and things work out- they just do.

From Grandma Frances- Love your mom very much, greet her and tell her you love her. Help her when you can. A mother's job is to provide warm beds, good food, and clean clothes for their babies. A Father's job is to keep his family happy and provide for them.

From Granny Frankie- (why she loved to be called Granny I'll never understand) in regards to motherhood/fatherhood, nature will just take over. You'll know what to do because your body will just do it.

From me- (maybe not the most sacred advice but here's what I think about life) I think that a lot of life is nature. Everyone is born, everyone dies. Part of you is biologically me and your daddy, so in some ways you are exactly us. Many of your decisions in life will be made the same as we did, because your science/nature/very chemical makeup drives you to have certain needs.

Also, I've thought long and hard about why we had you, so don't ever wish you were never born, never second guess our love for you- 1. we wanted to continue on our families and my side had just taken a big hit, loosing 3 important people. 2. From the moment I met your daddy, I knew he deserved a great family, not just a awesome. hot wife. 3. I've been praying for you since I was very small. 4. Just as I suspected, you have already touched and bettered so many people's lives. It really is remarkable the ripples you've made on the world in just 7 mos. 5. You give us reason to breathe, reason to wake up, reason to work hard, reason to forgive... 6. I believe God must've had a plan by allowing specifically you to come into our lives (google Golden Ratio- nothing lacks divine design).

We hope to have siblings to help support you, to teach as you teach them; to help you discover things you never knew about yourselfm and help you understand the importance of family.

Other quotes I favor:

 "The meaning of life is to find meaning in life"
       From mom- you are constantly learning. Give your life meaning. Constantly search for meaning, understanding, knowledge, compassion, joy, empathy, love, nirvana- the best version of you you could possibly be.

"I believe in God, but not  as one thing, not as an old man in the sky. I believe that what people call God is something in all of us.I believe that what jesus and Mohammed nd Buddha and all the rest said was right. It's just that the translations have gone wrong" -John Lennon
            From mom  -This is the best quick description of how I view religion. Even if I'm wrong, I'm practicing tolerance and humility.

" The American way of stress is comparable to Freud's 'beloved symptom,' his name forthe cherished neuorsis that a patient cultivates like the rarest of orchids and does not want to be cured of. Stressmakes Americans feel busy, important, and in demand, and simulataneously deprived, ignored, and victimized. Stress makes them feel interesting and complex instead of boring and simple, and carries an assumption of sensitivity not unlike the Old World assumption that aristocrats were high-strung. In short, stress has become a status symbol."-Florence King
            -This just makes me think.

"If you understood everything I said, you'd be me."- Miles Davis
           -You'll never be 100% understood 100% of the time, except by yourself POSSIBLY, so get to know yourself well before putting huge expctations on others.

"Everybody wants to save the world, but nobody wants to help mom with the dishes."- PJ O 'Rourke
           -Rejoice in helping in the shadows, doing the dirty work, forgoing the credit. God knows your heart and your intentions, not just your timecard.

"Have you ever stopped to consider that what you call shyness might just be ego? Perhaps your anxiety over how others might pereive you is just a coward's version of vanity."-unknown
           -Remember this if you ever fear girls/rejection. Be humble enough to know that you are not going to please everyone, not everyone will be attracted to you but plenty will too. SO many in fact, that weeding through the peach lovers (see quote below) to find "the one" will seem impossible at times.  

"Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity." -unknown

"You can be the ripest, juicest peach in the world, and there's still going to be someboody who hates peaches."- Dita Von Teese

"If it makes you happy do it. If it doesn't then don't."
            -so simple! yet so hard for me. I get too caught up in "does it makes others happy?"

Hope this finds you when you need it most-
Love always,

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How to Improperly Dispose of a Real Christmas Tree:

January 1, 2013 (<--sweet! I wrote it right on the first try!)

Dear Deklan,

       There will be many times in your life when you will have to figure things out the hard way, but don't waste your time on a live Christmas tree. Hopefully, this will save you some time some day...

How to improperly dispose of a real Christmas Tree:

Step 1: When watering the tree, make sure the stump barely touches the water so it is sure to dry out.
Step 2: Once the tree is completely crispy, you should be able to pluck the ornaments off while making the biggest mess possible.
Step 3: Make sure to use ripping motions while taking down the lights so you really scatter the tiny needles everywhere; really coat the carpet.
Step 4: Time to take the tree outside- Pick up the tree (before having removed it from the stand) and jerk it out the front door. This shoud leave your carpet a soaked evergreen mess.
Step 5: Realize you forgot to take all of the ornaments off the tree.
Step 6: Shake your door mat (which is now also soaked) so that it sprays stale water and pine needles directly into your mouth and eyes.
Step 7: Forget about the tree come trash day, and leave it outside till your lease is up or it disintegrates, whichever comes sooner.

Merry First Christmas and Happy First New Year, lovey. We are so lucky to have you here to spend it with us. Also- Congrats on your first 2 teeth. I always tell you Grandma Carol is the tooth fairy and she would bring you teeth (also, hopefully she will be the one leaving money under your pillow for tooth pickup).

Love you!

-Momma & Dada (as you put it)