Thursday, September 6, 2012

Doll hairs & $ense


       Daddy & I decided we needed to document this because:
A. We are proud of ourselves
B. Someday you'll scream some version of "you Never give me AnYthing!!!"

We did some financial overhaul today. We made sure we had each other on all accounts, we updated the will, we met with a financial adviser, we are setting up an IRA for you & future siblings... We've called banks, read pamphlets, asked family for advice.. Was this fun? Absolutely not. Until, that is, we could step back and see what we have made for you. Uncle Mike (my uncle Mike) said he felt like this when he dropped his kids off at Villanova. It's pride. Concrete evidence that we worked hard to help ensure your success in the future.

It doesn't make sense to you now & you may not feel grateful till you have to do it for your own kids someday, but we love you enough to invest in your future anyway. Maybe you'll be an astronaut, maybe a  garbage man, maybe work at McDonalds till you're 35 (please, don't) but whatever you do, you'll have this little bit to help you afford your dreams. (As long as you don't dream of something illegal or entirely stupid because as long as we're alive, we don't want you ruining a good thing for yourself). 

So, no, you can't spend it on your girlfriend, you can't invest in your buddy's chop shop.

DO NOT dip into this because you suddenly want cable, an expansive "beanie baby" collection, or a new car *(dream car, ok maybe).

DO USE THIS for/towards traveling the world, going to college, starting a business, buying a house near the ocean, or putting your parents in a nice retirement community...

If I find out you spent this on thousands of pizzas or gambling, I'll kill you.

loooove youuuuuu....

Mom & Dad.

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