Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Day Deklan Saved a Life.

You're late. 6 days in fact. Dear little June-bug, I am going crazy waiting for you. I've tried everything. I've even been bouncing on an exercise ball all afternoon trying to get gravity to help you out. All this time I've been worried! Waiting & waiting... Why won't he ask for directions? What if this is his personality? Stubborn. Today, I think we figured it out- It started with a coupon to baskin-Robbins. I've held on to it for weeks. It expires today and I've brought it up at least 4x today. Finally, after dinner with Grammy, Papa Dale, Charity, & Daddy, I said- lets go use my coupon! (a rule with Papa Dale is that you don't get something unless you go, so he had to come.) So Daddy & Papa Dale were wrapped up in a show, but you, little man, we're craving a cappuccino blast so I said with urgency- lets go Dad! And we left. (now I have to give everyone credit here- Keeley tried to run out the garage but I stopped her, thinking she just wanted ice cream). Suddenly, Papa Dale noticed a body laying on the garage in the house across the street and he ran across to check on our neighbor. Then he told me to call 911. Charity went inside & got Joel. Grammy & I walked over to relay info to the operator, while Joel & Papa Dale checked for vital signs. He was alive, but not coherent. The paramedics came & took him away. Grammy still bought us all ice cream;) See? It was important that you stayed in me long enough to crave ice cream, and to make sure my daddy-o came outside just then & noticed something off. Maybe that's what you were waiting for? Ok, well you can come out now, little hero! Love, Mom & Dad

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