Friday, April 20, 2012

Home Stretch!

35 Days till we can hold your hand....

Dear Baby Deklan,

             I can't wait for you to come out! I am looking so huge (which must mean you're getting pretty big, too). Just about everything is ready for you (Thank Mama's anxiety!). Your room, all your new toys and blankies... even loads of diapers ready to go! You are so loved that we had 3 baby showers! There's even a 4th shower through the military, but that one's a little different. Throughout your whole life, I just want to be able to give you everything you need, (and some things you want)! 

           Our excitement to see you is what carries us on through the next few weeks. Daddy and I are pretty tired and overwhelmed with a few last minute chores like our will, setting up the car seat, car maintenance, school projects etc... but at the end of the day, counting your kicks is what helps me sleep. I'm constantly reminded of what all this hard work is for. 

            Here is a little about what I'm feeling: 
1. When you become a man, please don't be like most of the guys at Daddy's work and tease a pregnant woman about her weight. Ok, so sometimes it is a little funny especially when Grandpa Dale says things... but be tactful and sensitive. 

2. Sometimes, you cannot win. I don't always know how to express my rapidly changing emotions. 

3. Sometimes, I cannot control my behavior! There was one day during therapy that you kicked really hard! I squinted (probably an inappropriate response to some client's sensitive issue) and watched as you nearly kicked my clip board right out of my hand! Also, a drop from nearly every meal ends up on my belly. 

4. My ligaments are about to fall apart. I have to have Daddy help me out of bed/off the couch/out the bath/ etc. If he's not home, I use the bed sheets like a rope to help pull me up to a seated position. 

5. Immense emotional love for you. I never thought I was very good with babies, but I notice a difference in myself now. I talk differently, I'm not afraid to hold little babies, I am nearly brought to tears when I hear a baby cry.   

We Love You! See you soon, babycakes!
Love, Mommy & Daddy