Friday, March 16, 2012

The Bodies Exhibition

70 days to go until we see your wittle face...

Dear Deklan,

       Tonight we went to the Bodies exhibit at the Luxor. They have adult and baby human bodies that were donated to science to be dissected and preserved for education. I learned a couple of pretty neat things seeing how our bodies are all put together-

1. From the time a girl is conceived, she already had all the eggs she will ever have (that means from the time I was conceived, you were already halfway in motion!)
2. Every human spends 1/2 hr as a single cell. Remember when life was so simple?
3. It is encoded in your genes whether you will have a preference for sweet or salty. (I'm convinced I have both, but whatever... what do you like?)
4. A spleen is used to help transport blood in a fetus (you), but in adults it's essentially useless. Oh! so that's why that's there...
It made me think- wow! how God knows you, already!! He knows your favorite candy or chip! He knew that I would give birth to you- YOU! How long exactly has he been lining up these dominoes?? This is amazing.

Your Daddy explained free will and God's plan to me like this- He said he thinks that God knows every possible outcome and our free will chooses the path. God must know every branch/twig/leaf of a tree, every flow to the chart, every exponent of every exponent... WOW.

The part about me choosing anything scares me. I like to think I have no control over anything, not to diffuse accountability, but to refuse the credit. Like your Grandma Carol used to say, "just do your best. everything will work itself out. It just has this amazing way of doing that." and she was right. Every mistake, has it's lesson, every spleen has its purpose...

Remember that when you cry next time. Every tear, every furrow of your brow, every wrinkle on your face was all mapped out from that 1/2 hour you were just a single cell. 1/2 of your genes present inside me when I was inside my mom...

I just realized we proved Grandpa Dale wrong, when he used to tell me, "crying only makes your face ugly" :) God's plan for that specific tear is waaaaaaaaaay more complicated than that.

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