Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Day in the Life....

110 Days to go!

Dear Baby Deklan,

         You are growing so fast, now! I wake up everyday thankful you are with me. Here's a look at what a typical week looks like for us:

        SUNDAY: Sit in pajamas next to Daddy while he plays video games. I'm usually on my phone or laptop checking Facebook/email/ Pinterest...Then I make breakfast. Then we get dressed and run some errands or watch TV together. Granny Martin always calls on Sundays. Sometimes several times because she gets forgetful.

MONDAY: Daddy kisses us goodbye around 5 am. I have clients in the morning 10:00 and supervision at my internship site till noon. Then we eat lunch and drive across town to UNLV where I go to class for 3 hrs (where Daddy and I text all day ;), and then see clients again till about 6. The drive home feels long and dangerous because there are terrible drivers in Las Vegas.

 TUESDAY: Daddy goes to work a little later, so sometimes we talk in morning if I wake up early enough. Then we get to lounge around till 12:00. We get ready and go to school at 1:00. It's a long walk from the parking lot and I usually get sleepy by then. I hate Tuesdays because we take diversity class and it always makes me cry in there. The subject matter is too deep for an already hormonal pregnant lady. Then we see clients till about 8:00pm. Long drive home. This is when I used to call Grandma Carol- but now we call Uncle Doug, Grandpa Dale, or Grammie. That's dangerous and usually Grandpa Dale threatens to hang up on me because I'm driving while on the cell phone, but that's a new rule in Nevada and I just get so lonely! When I get home I tell Daddy about my day. Then we watch TV till 9:30pm and go to bed. I usually ask him to hold us.

 WEDNESDAY: Daddy off to work early again. He is training for a 1/2 marathon  that he will do over our anniversary weekend. He gained weight with you  & I and he wants to look good for you by May. You and I go to school at 12:00 today for supervision and clients after that. We get home around 7:00 if we are lucky. Then we call Daddy to preheat the oven or defrost something on our way home. We make dinner, talk about our days, and go to bed.

    THURSDAY: I like Thursdays. Although, I'm tired from the week, now. Did I mention I get up to pee every morning at 1:00am and 4:00am? Thursdays I spend at internship. I only ever have about 4 clients and half no-show. The site is just down the street from the house so it's not too bad. Plus! I know I'll be home by 5:00pm. Plenty of time to cook and relax.

    FRIDAY: My weekend. We sleep in. Daddy still kisses us goodbye like every morning. If we have a Dr. appt, it's usually on this day. That's fun because then we go visit Daddy at work and say hi to his friends. Sometimes, we eat lunch together or bring Keeley with us. Then we go visit Dr. White. She always hugs us, which I find to be kinda weird, but I imagine her teacher saying it helps Dr.'s appear less sterile or something... I don't know- there are just some professions where sterility is OK. Anyway, she's funny and she talks about her sister a lot because she, herself, has never been pregnant; but I hear she is still very good at delivery. You'll meet her soon. She'll probably be the one to pull you out and make some kind of little cute joke. Anyway, Fridays I also usually go grocery shopping, make dinner, blah blah...

  SATURDAY: Home Improvement Day. I am most productive on a Saturday. Errands, painting, organizing, homework, cooking, cleaning, THE WORKS! Boy, I love Saturdays. Sometimes we go to Alliante and watch a UFC fight around 5:00pm. We sit in a big booth will all of Daddy's friends and watch guys pummel each other like modern day gladiators. It's a good time. We also sometimes have a date night on  the weekend. We go to movies or out to eat. It's fun to actually talk like we did before we were boyfriend and girlfriend, and plan our future or be excited about being your mommy/daddy together.

I love you, little guy. XOXO I know you're gonna change up our whole world in great and wonderful ways.

Love always,