Wednesday, December 7, 2011

You're no Tadpole Anymore!

170 Days till I kiss your little bitty face off!

Dear Calababy,

              It's been a while, but a lot got done since I last blogged. Let's see....You're about the size of an avocado and by then end of the week you'll be double that! We are going to make some sweet guacamole!

             I got an internship which means I'll be doing therapy for free until I have enough practice to go out on my own and be able to make some real money and buy you cool toys. Actually, at first I thought I wouldn't get any internships because I want to take the Summer off to spend with you, and then I got offered 3! I took 2 of them. They are both Christian counseling centers, and I hope that this helps Daddy and I get more in touch with our faith so you can, too, someday.

               I became Vice President of Memberships to our school's Honor's society. This is no small job, as I'm coming to find out. I thought it was one little teeny weeny party once a year, but I'm excited and a little overwhelmed to learn that it involves a lot more!

               I got an article published in the Journal of Feminist Counseling (or something like that) HA! I don't even remember... It was small, just a movie review having to do with therapy and women in the military. But, that lit my fire for wanting to publish more. So, I just submitted a second article to a child psychology journal to see if they like the intervention my friend Laurie and I worked on! ...Maybe I'll try it on you someday... I'm going to try and submit a 3rd article later, and then I hope/imagine that on those rainy days alone with you, while you're taking a sweet baby nap, I'll write books.

                All this stuff is really hard work, but it's fun at times, too. I really miss spending evenings with Joel, though. He is working hard because it's the end of the year and there's about 1 million Christmas parties and places to be. Daddy likes to stay at home and relax. We are so excited for you, but at the same time we are trying to soak in any symptoms of boredom while we can since we figure that with you, we will never be bored again.

                In other brief news, your room is painted, I quit one of my jobs today and I will really miss it (I can't wait to bring you there and meet everyone!), and I am excited to buy furniture for you next month or so maybe.

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