Monday, December 26, 2011

A Letter from Aunt Jaime...

Calamommy & Calababy (Deks),

​You are about to come into some wealth.  You don’t know it yet but you are on the cusp of a great inheritance: Grammy and Poppy.
​CalaMommy, I can’t count the nights of worry when my Calababies were fevered or coughing and I didn’t know what to do.  I always called Grammy.  No matter how late it was, she would rise from her warm comfy bed and come to the phone (Calababy—you won’t believe this but there weren’t cellphones back then).  As I related the symptoms, she would listen and advise me; more valuable, she would comfort and reassure me.
​Calababy, your Poppy will take a million, billion pictures of you—amazing pictures.  He will teach you to laugh at silly jokes and silly monsters.  He will introduce you to the greatest silly monster of all…Godzilla.  He will pray for you and love you in the quiet of his heart.
​Your Grammy will color with you and build Lego structures with you.  She’ll bake cookies and smile and laugh with you.  She might take you to a museum or a park or a movie.  She’ll love spending time with you and watching you grow.  She will pray for you and love you in the quiet of her heart.
​My Calababies were blessed beyond measure by their Grammy and Poppy.  They are no longer babies but Grammy and Poppy still love them and pray for them in the quiet of their hearts.
​And for this I am eternally grateful.
Aunt Jaime

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