Tuesday, December 13, 2011

10 fingers...10 toes...and still my belly grows and grows!

 164 days to go!

Dear Deklan,

              Hi, My BABY BOY! On Friday, Dec 9 Daddy and I could not wait any longer so we went to "Sneak Peek" and discovered you are a boy. You were really funny, too. At first, we counted your baby toes, and your baby fingers, and made sure you had 2 ears and a button nose. Even half baked, you look perfect. We couldn't quite tell your gender though because you were being modest. Your profile, even this early looks your daddy's. Your personality, however, seems like mine and here's why-

First, you covered your parts. But then, it really seemed like you were listening to us. You kept moving around in there, showing off and doing flips. Then you tugged on your ear as if to say, what? you want What?? Then you moved your little hands, and you threw them up above your head showing the camera all your baby bits! Joel said, He's a boy! and he had this huge grin on his face. I cried a little, but not out of sadness. I was shocked! We thought you were a girl! I was overwhelmed with how I would take care of you! (but I'm sure I would've felt that way either way). Wow, a boy, this is great! ...and we named you Deklan Lavelle Calahan.

Love, Mom & Dad

P.S. Wanna see your ultrasound pics from this day?
http://photos.sneakpeekultrasound.com/              click on  3712     password-  1209ec

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