Sunday, November 6, 2011

When you're smilin'

11 weeks...

Dear Calababy, 

I had this really funny dream that I just had to share... 
              I dreamed that my whole family was over at your Grandpa Dale's house. Even your Grandma Carol was there and other people were showing up by the dozens it seemed. (I should explain- I often dream that Grandma Carol hasn't really past away, but that there was some kind of mistake and she's home for good now). Anyway, so Grandma Carol and I were talking about me finishing up grad school. I said, "If I have to relive your death one more time, then I'm going to just take time out from grad school; I can't do that again." She said things like she would say, "you can do it, everything will be ok...don't worry about that now...". AND that's when I went into labor with you. Now, I've dreamed before that you were a boy, but this time you were a little girl, and you were a week early. Your daddy had just left to go get something with some friends/relatives and they were headed back soon, but I knew he would be sad he missed it.  
             You came right out, surprisingly easy and I think it was your Aunt Janet who delivered you (because she's a pediatrician; lol) right in the middle of the living room (bet Grandpa's going to love that...). You had a cute little pink hat on. 
             This part is the best- so I think we were setting up for a Christmas party or something originally because there was music playing. Your great Grandpa George's song came on the radio and you were singing along in baby language! "When you're smiling, the whole world smiles with you..." I remember thinking, "She is so smart!"
            So then (and remember dreams are weird at parts) I layed you in a tool box in the garage so you could rest. I had forgotten to tell Joel! I called him and left a message with your Grammy, while making sure to tell her about your singing. Then I went and got you out of the garage (I felt guilty for forgetting you were there for a second, not because I laid you in the toolbox, a reasonable choice...).
Then your Grandpa Dale was holding you and he was helping your cousin Kyle (who looked about 5 in my dream when actually he is 18/19) hold you by laying on the couch really still and laying you next to him with his arm around you. 
           I hadn't named you yet! For some reason I wanted to name you Mia, (but really I don't) but I also didn't want to decide until Joel got home.  
           And that's it. I woke up, but without even opening my eyes, I told Joel my dream and we are so excited to find out if we will have a little boy who looks like Joel or a little girl who sings :) Either way, we will all be there to welcome you. 

LOve , 

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