Thursday, October 27, 2011

What I'd like to put in your genes pocket

211 days till we hold you....

Dear Calababy, 
           Enough of this sad junk. Let's talk happy. I have some awesome friends and family. I think you will feel probably pretty comfortable around them because they are genuinely nice people. I hope you have friends like this, and not jerk-friends. Today, at work my friends made me laugh by reading from this FML website. I can't tell you what that stands for until you're older. So anyway, it was super funny. I almost peed a little.

                  Gordon                                          Amna (my office mate)                         Allison

           Also, my brother is pretty awesome. He's your Uncle Doug. He finds humor in the littlest things, and that's why I approve of him as my bro-ski. So learn to be funny ok? It's important because it'll be hard to be angry with you if you're being so dang cute. Also, people will like you. Also, I will like you. (just kidding I'll most likely like you anyway...) Oh! and sarcasm! You'll need that, too. Doug & Cousin Tyler

           I hope you also learn to be direct (man, am I being demanding or what?). For example, I've been working on this quality and it has been difficult. My Uncle Mike told me once that little girls are taught to be nice and sweet and to not upset anyone, but this becomes a problem when a girl starts to practice assertion and direct-ness. So, today this dumb guy in my office was being a little tattle-tale and he went behind my back to tell my boss that I made the littlest mistake. Such a jerk-hole. My boss didn't even care- she even kinda rolled her eyes when she told me. Anyhoo, so I decided to go talk to HIS boss and be super sweet and nice, and search for resolution on the matter (i.e. back up and mind yo bid-ness). It worked!
         Also, our receptionist sucks. She's old and probably still watches VHS. Since she has trouble with the computer and checking in students for us, I talked to her and showed her how to do her job. Now, she's awesome and I resent her much less.

        And finally, I made a new friend today. Her name is Cheryl and she works in the office directly across the hall from me. I never really knew her until today even though we exchanged pleasantries often. The woman is a saint (and that jerk-face's boss). She gave me such helpful advice for being direct, both int he office and in therapy and I feel her example is invaluable. I feel much better about being no-showed by clients and walked on by people. I feel renewed.

         Hooray for being direct! Don't let it take you 26 years like it's taken me:/ Cherish those people who build you up. There just going to be crappy people out there and there isn't anything you can do about it, but to be direct with them and say, "Hey, can you knock that off? You're bugging the crap out of me." (lol I picture you as a baby trying to say that and it's hilarious)

Remember these faces. I'll quiz you later...

Love you bunches! 


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  1. Erin, you are SO cute! From the moment I met you I adored you as a person. Reading this post reminded me again just how adorable you are.
    I am SO happy for you and Joel. You're both going to be wonderful parents.