Sunday, October 2, 2011

We Are Pregnant!

237 days till I hold you... 

Dear Calababy, 

              ...At least that's what we call you for now. You've been with us (presumably) 6 weeks now, and things are feeling a little crazy. Today, Daddy is gone to work an airshow in California. He is blowing stuff up (he'll show you how to do that some day, safely). I feel very hormonal. I cry a lot but not usually because I'm truly sad or mad, but I think that is just what my body thinks it needs to do. Sometimes, it's so embarrassing. I cry during American Idol (which is a stupid show, please don't ever watch it), I cry during class, I cry in the car... you'd think I'm running out of water here. I may have shriveled up like a raisin by now if I weren't drinking so much water. 

                Speaking of water, today I am dog-sitting. Keeley has her best dog-friend, Bella, here and they are spilling water all over the floor. They don't ever settle down but they are so cute together. Ocki watches patiently from the sidelines like a little gargoyle sitting on the back of the couch.The girls (the dogs) drive me so nuts sometimes that yell at them to stop jumping around, and it makes me anxious for the future when I'll have to discipline you. I hopefully won't have to yell, often (or at all, but let's be realistic here- somewhere in 18 yrs at least, there will be some yelling). I don't know what I'm going to do... for now maybe I should try a nap. You should try that, too. Grow slow, and grow healthy. Thanks for not making me sick ;)



  1. See what Daddy is doing this weekend-

  2. Ohh sissy, to hear you say 'love mom' gives me warm fuzzies. HUGS!